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Sky High

so here's a new segment for all ya folks out there. random movie reviews will be posted from time to time. do check back often!

today we are checking out this movie called "Sky High"(2005). just in case you're still wondering, this movie has nothing whatsoever to do with a japanese movie with the same name released in the same year. now one look at the poster and you'll be thinking right away: "come on, it's a kids' movie rite?" well you are absolutely correct. "Sky High" is indeed aimed at kids, but its fun to watch even if you're an adult. don't believe me? check out the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes.

synopsis: being the son of 2 superhero parents, Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano) has to live up to his reputation and do well in his new superhero high school. but he has 1 major problem, he has no superpowers. either that or he is a late bloomer. so when the time comes to decide if he's hero or hero support(sidekick) material, Will is humiliated and dropped to the ranks of sidekicks. even though he wasn't a hero, he was happy being with his best friends since childhood and several new friends. while getting into a fight unintentionally with a fellow schoolmate one day, he finally realizes his powers, and is promoted to the heroes class but only to be sabotaged by the popular group who turns out to be something more sinister...

i don't really find much flaws in the story, in fact there is even a twist that if you, like me, would not have seen it coming until near the end of the movie. the mild humor and superhero comic style of presenting the story makes it acceptable n worth watching till the end. of course, being a disney kids film, expect a thoroughly happy ending.

superman fans might realize the main protagonist has both his flying and superstrength ability, which may be lacking in creativity. some of the other powers are kind of useless too... (maybe that's why they r sidekicks), but 1 of the sidekicks actually has a super wicked power, which made a certain scene a tad bit more special n memorable (look out for a rooftop scene). even though recommended to watch, its not worth watching a second time.

basically there is no blood and gore, so horror and war movie fans, just skip this. otherwise this lighthearted n genuine movie is definitely fun for the entire family.

Personal Rating: 3.5/5

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Silent Hill

and so i realized i never really properly reviewed this movie from my first post. so here it is, "Silent Hill"(2006). if you don't know this already, this movie is adapted from the popular series of Silent Hill games. the important roles are generally filled by a strong female cast.

synopsis: Radha Mitchell stars as Rose Da Silva, a mother of a child, Sharon, with a heavy sleepwalking disorder. every time she sleep walks, she chants about a place called Silent Hill and wanders far, far away from home. afraid that her daughter will one day fall into harms way, Rose decides to search for this "Silent Hill". turns out it was an abandoned town, that was engulfed in ashes due to a serious mining accident, which killed hundreds of people. as she rams her vehicle through the barricade and enters the town, she crashed. as she awoke, her daughter goes missing and she found herself in ghost town, layered with the constant rain of ashes, an infested with mutated monsters of all sorts. braving through all odds, she discovers the dark secret hidden behind the town's own destruction and her adopted daughter's past...

blood n gore fans, i'm sure u all will remember 2 particular scenes in this movie... where it involves ripping, human bodies, scattered corpses, u get the idea. generally i find the story good, but i have never played the game so i'm not totally sure. certain parts that put me off are the parts that involve the guys of this show (Rose's husband and that descendant from the town who is now a cop). it is established that the monsters and creepy stuff happens only at that other dimension, so when the scene switches back to the normal world, u are certain that they are totally safe... another negative point is that the movie lasts a tad bit too long, you just want it to end already after one and a half hours, but no~, it decided that it has to go on for more than 2 hours. visually, it is stunning, the set designs and monster animations/choreography were perfect. the pyramid head was truly gruesome and frightening... i mean come on, he's carrying a gigantic and long cleaver. definitely this show is not for the faint-hearted.

this show is worth watching, for its visual effects and story specifics aside, you can actually feel for the main protagonist of the story... for the most part. blood and gore fans, don't pass out on this opportunity.

Personal Rating: 4/5
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Mindless Youtube Fun

they did a pretty good job of doing a Lucky Star version of the famous thriller anime Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai's OP. its pretty fun, enjoy! do note that Lucky Star is a randomly funny n cute anime. below is the original version of the Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai's OP:

since we're on higurashi, a few more videos to share! below is a sketch wacky version of the OP and the infamous caramelldansen of the cast:

Sketch Wacky Higurashi Kai OP

Higurashi Cast Caramelldansen

look out for more fun stuff coming your way!
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► Reboot

so I was just sitting arnd all day with nothing to do... well not really but... i was bored ahaha... so i've decided! to revive my blog. not sure how long this will last though, we'll see. anyway i used this template that i "koped" from blogskin.com. too lazy to create a layout i guess haha. if u've been reading my blog in the past u'll know that i sorta complain a lot in my posts, am trying to change that, or rather, add some sort of disclaimer haha.

► Dead Fantasy 2!

maybe u already know, maybe u didn't, but u definitely shud not miss the most recent sequel of the famous solo fan-made video that pits final fantasy girls against dead or alive girls with the ultimate showdown of the century! ... i'm serious! here if you don't believe me, here is Dead Fantasy 1:

exciting, no? anyway you've seen nothing yet! get ready your "omfg" and shocked faces and brace yourselves for Dead Fantasy II:

wuahaha.... all i can say is, it's obvious which final fantasy the maker favors the most lol... just by looking at how imba she is... and there are some surprising character additions but i won't spoil it for u. anyway if you're still wondering whether or not to watch it, all i can say is, if u haven't seen dead fantasy 2, SEE IT NOW! and if you haven't seen dead fantasy 1, u're living in a hole of your own, my fellow gamer. for fans of this fanvid: who's side r u on? lol. can't wait for the next installment!

► Silent Hill, the movie

i'm pretty timid (otherwise known as humchee), so i dared not play the games from the Silent Hill series... dun kill me Konami!!! ><... anyway so i thought i would give the movie a try. i recently got a hold on the movie and got to watching it. overall i found it pretty good for an american horror/thriller movie, or maybe i just don't watch horror movies often haha. i loved the creatures designs, dat pyramid head was pretty scary... and disturbing... and there's this scene where it rips off.... ok i shall not spoil it. the faint-hearted should definitely pass on this movie. the ending was good, coz it wasn't a typical happy ending. but what really sealed the deal for me, wasn't the movie itself, it was the ending! using the OST song from the Silent Hill game, coupled with intense 3d and aftereffects compilation, it was possibly the best ending credits i've ever seen in a movie. here's a link:

► Ask Me Out, Please

i am bored out of my wits... can anyone, and i means ANYONE, please, please, please invite me to go out somewhere, like to watch a movie or something... i can't live the life of an otaku haha... please... save.. me.... tasukette..... T____T so please just call me or message me... in case you're wondering, you can ask me out on a date too... (not that anyone will be interested, but hey, a guy's gotta try lol) ok... i'm done talking for the night, bye!

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